Presents On The Go


Presents On The Go was conceived one Sunday morning while rushing out of the house to get a birthday present for an 11 am party. While at the store, we picked up 6 more presents for upcoming parties – all the while, towing 3 young children who naturally felt the need to tell us everything they wanted for their next gift-getting occasion.

Let’s face it – as long as there are children, there will be birthday parties.  As long as there are birthday parties, there will be presents.  And as long as there are presents, there will be the painstakingly time-consuming task of choosing gifts for each child, running to the store or spending meaningless hours browsing online, wrapping, labeling and storing children’s presents.

We love our children, and we are grateful for their friendships.  But in the very little spare time you have, do you really want to be shopping for presents??  Presents On The Go was created with YOU in mind.  And we are here to help get you through childhood birthdays.  Ready?  BUY PRESENTS NOW!





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